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Dream, you say? Fine, I'll dream. Nobody said the vehicle had to be real. Okay, before you guys say anything about it being a spaceship and not an aircraft: Intrepid-class starships had surface landing gear, as established in a few ST: Voyager episodes, including 'Basics'. Thus, the ship could technically take off and land, although lift is generated strictly by engine thrust and not by aerodynamics.

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Other ships like the Enterprise-D and -E depended on shuttles or transporter beams for moving personnel and cargo to planetary surfaces. Of course, I'd want the USS Voyager as featured in 'Endgame,' with the enhanced ablative armor and transphasic torpedoes.

Photos of the F-4 Phantom II: from air-to-air and air-to-ground missions to recce and SEAD, the F-4 is an icon of American air superiority. Personalized Pilot Training Program. Epic Aircraft is dedicated to providing its customers with a comprehensive Pilot Training Program, along with its revolutionary aircraft design, to ensure each aircraft is operated at the highest level of competence and safety.

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Mean Aerodynamic Chord The distance between the leading and trailing edge of the wing, measured parallel to the normal airflow over the wing, is known as the chord. If the leading edge and trailing edge are parallel, the chord of the wing is constant along the wing’s length. Most commercial transport airplanes have wings that are both tapered and swept with the result that the width of the wing changes along its entire length. The width of the wing is greatest where it meets the fuselage at the wing root and progressively decreases toward the tip. As a consequence, the chord also changes along the span of the wing. The average length of the chord is known as the mean aerodynamic chord (MAC).


In large aircraft, limitations and the actual centre of gravity are often expressed in terms of percent MAC. Related Articles • • • Further Reading US FAA.