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Screenshot of Mac OS 9. OS family Working state Historic, not supported Source model October 23, 1999; 18 years ago ( October 23, 1999) 9.2.2 / December 5, 2001; 16 years ago ( 2001-12-05) type Proprietary Preceded by Succeeded by () Official website at the (archived November 9, 2000) Support status Unsupported as of February 1, 2002 Mac OS 9 is the ninth and final major release of. Introduced on October 23, 1999, it was promoted by Apple as 'The Best Internet Operating System Ever', highlighting Internet search capabilities, integration with Apple's free online services known as and improved networking. While Mac OS 9 lacks and full, lasting improvements include the introduction of an automated engine and support for. Apple discontinued development of Mac OS 9 in 2001, transitioning all future development to. The final updates to Mac OS 9 addressed compatibility issues with Mac OS X while running in the and compatibility with applications.

At the 2002, Steve Jobs began his address by staging a mock funeral for OS 9. Contents • • • • • • • • • Features [ ] Apple billed Mac OS 9 as including '50 New Features' and heavily marketed its software, which introduced a 'channels' feature for searching different online resources and introduced a -like appearance. Mac OS 9 also featured integrated support for Apple’s suite of Internet services known as iTools (later re-branded as.Mac, then, which was replaced by ) and included improved functionality with 2.5. Other features new to Mac OS 9 include: • Integrated support for multiple user accounts without using.

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• Support for voice login through VoicePrint passwords. •, a feature allowing users to save passwords and textual data encrypted in protected keychains. • A Software Update control panel for automatic download and installation of Apple system software updates.

A Software Update control panel for automatic download and installation of Apple system software updates. Free download film the intimate lover subtitle indonesia. While Mac OS 9 is no longer supported by Apple. As a member of the Apple Beta Software Program, you’ll be able to enroll your devices to access the public betas and try out the latest features.

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• A redesigned Sound control panel and support for audio. • Speakable Items 2.0, also known as, featuring improved speech synthesis and recognition along with AppleScript integration.

• Improved font management through FontSync. • Remote Access Personal Server 3.5, including support for TCP/IP clients over (PPP). • An updated version of with support for TCP/IP. • Personal File Sharing over TCP/IP. • USB Printer Sharing, a control panel allowing certain USB printers to be shared across a TCP/IP network. • 128-bit in the Finder.

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• Support for files larger than 2. • volume support. • CD Burning in the (introduced in Mac OS 9.1).

• Addition of a 'Window' menu to the Finder (introduced in Mac OS 9.1) Mac OS 9 and the Classic Environment [ ]. Main article: versions of prior to 10.5 include a compatibility layer (a shell) called, enabling users to run applications and hardware requiring Mac OS 9 from within OS X.

This is achieved through running Mac OS 9 without access to Finder inside OS X. This requires Mac OS 9 to be installed on the computer, even if computers that can run the Classic environment are not necessarily able to boot into Mac OS 9. Some Mac OS 9 applications do not run well in Classic.

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They demonstrate screen redraw problems and lagging performance. In addition, some drivers and other software which directly interact with the hardware fail to work properly. In May 2002, at Apple's in,, accompanied by a, held a mock to announce that Apple had stopped development of Mac OS 9. Mac OS 9.2.2, released in December 2001, was the final version of Mac OS 9 and the 'classic' Mac OS.

In June 2005, Jobs announced that the Macintosh platform would be transitioning to microprocessors. Developer documentation of the PowerPC emulation layer revealed that applications written for Mac OS 8 or 9 would not run on x86-based Macs. The Classic Environment remains in the PowerPC version of OS X 10.4; however, x86 versions of OS X do not support the Classic environment. As a workaround for Intel-based Macs, Mac OS 9 can be emulated up to version 9.0.4 by using, a PowerPC emulator. It cannot emulate above 9.0.4 because SheepShaver does not emulate a. The PowerPC emulator does not support Mac OS 9. Availability [ ] While Mac OS 9 is no longer supported by Apple, retail copies are still available from several Internet businesses at varying prices.

Although now classed as, as development on it has ended, it is still in use by those who cannot upgrade to OS X due to hardware limitations or prefer it to OS X. Mac OS 9 is also a popular choice for hobbyists. Mac gamers also sometimes revert to Classic (often via emulation) or native OS 9 in order to play games that aren't supported on OS X; for example:,,,, and the. Download lagu rosa ku menunggu. Other uses [ ]. Main articles:, and Aside from original Apple based hardware that is still maintained and operated, Mac OS 9 can be operated in other environments such as Windows and Unix. For example, the aforementioned software was not designed for use on x86 platforms and required an actual PowerPC processor present in the machine it was running on similar to a.