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The Brihadeeswarar Temple, (Also known as Black Magic Removal Temple) was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1987. Brihaddisvara Temple a place of deep India Occult Black Magic that leads to unknown harmony and prosperity, The black magic occult temple is a source, for finding freedom from Black Magic attack using ancient powerful remedies of ancient temple of Brihadeeswarar Temple. The Brihadeeswarar temple is described in the encyclopedia Britannica as 'The Great Pagoda at Thanjavur Rajarajeswaram in the Tanjavur district of Tamil Nadu has often been called `the temple of temples, also known as the temple of Black Magic, The Brihadisvara Temple is also known to control the spirituality of all spirituality of Black Magic.

The Brihadeeswarar Temple is Built round a kingdom of great spiritual powers and the turn of the first millennium A. During the heyday of Chola rule, For the Cholas, temple building was not merely an outpouring of artistic talent but also a way of life, for the entire fabric of the society was woven round the temple.

The Brihadeeswarar Temple was Built by the greatest of Chola rulers, Rajaraja, the temple was named after him as Rajarajeswaram, meaning `the temple of the Iswara (God) of Rajaraja'. Later on, it became known as the Brihadeeswara temple meaning the temple of the `Great Iswara'.

Inscriptions engraved on the walls, pillars and podium, is rare wealth, indeed of immeasurable value to the scholar of great spirituality. The inscriptions give, apart from a comprehensive history of the times, a full enumeration of all the metallic images set up in the temple.

Numbering about sixty-six, these icons are referred to with a description of the minutest details of size. Anytime organizer torrent. Shape and composition. The temple also sports a depiction in stone, of eighty one of the one hundred and eight karanas of Bharata Muni's Natya Sastra - the first of its kind - setting the pace for many others to follow in succeeding centuries.The history depicted on the temple walls will not make much sense without an idea of the background of Chola rule and hegemony.The details of Rajaraja's conquests, his army and navy, his administrative ability and his religious tolerance, are gleaned from the inscriptional evidence on the temple walls.

Bangla Medicine Book Pdf

Htaccess redirect url. The Brihadeeswarar Temple is a source of great amazing spiritual powers that over comes the black magic of life that may kill your dreams protect your self now. ContactUs:([email protected]) Website:((((facebook Brihaeeswarar Temple) Number;+48.