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We are looking for experienced providers that can generate quality sign-ups to our CPA offers. The offers will be from: - Email submits or - Free Trial Offers I can do other high dollar hard offers if that works better for you! Please only bid if you are capable of generating 200+ leads per day. We are looking for someone who can do over 1,000 leads every week to work with as a permanent partner. We don't have a limit on the number of leads you send us as long as they all follow the rules below. The more you can get the more money both of us will make so get as many as you can and we will pay you for every one! We require that the following rules to be followed: - All signups MUST be REAL people!

Mac os x 10.5 upgrade. - Unique Email and IP Addresses (currently US only) - NO duplicates, - NO Fraudulent Signups - NO BlackHat - NO Craigslist Spamming! - No Proxy Servers are allowed (We can verify this!) - No Incentivized traffic - Leads and IPS: Will be from USA - Each completed signup/action MUST come from unique IP to qualify - NO Spam, AUTO Bots or softwares.

- NO Incentives You must never use any kind of software, bots, cookie cleaner or any kind of automation Payments: You will get paid 50% per lead. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU NEED PAYMENT UP FRONT.

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How To IFrame CPA Offer For Free Without CPAGod. Submit email to get latest news on. And tagged black hat software, blackhat cpa. Oct 22, 2008  CPA BlackHat Techniques - PRIVATE/LIMITED EDITION It is a COMPLETE Blackhat Marketing CPA Guide. Sensitive information in. You pick the offer - Repost. You must never use any kind of software. See more: blackhat cpa, cpa blackhat, blackhat leads. Another popular topic of discussion at Black Hat USA events is the security of Apple's software. It was at Black Hat USA 2007 where. EWEEK Editor's Pick; News. BlackHatWorld - The Home of. Black Hat Tools. CPA is an acronym for Cost per Action and refers to 'ads' that are sold on the basis that money is only given.

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People keep bidding and asking for Hundereds of dollars up front, but we will not deal with you as we will not risk our CPA Account getting banned or our money being lost. I will not be paying you advance / up front. This is to ensure that the job is met fully and all the leads are confirmed and verified by our CPA company. If it is, you will be paid once our affiliate releases payment for the leads you have provided. Aimersoft free youtube downloader for mac. I also offer HUGE BONUSES to my team for quality work. Payments via: your prefered method. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED PLEASE PM ME with details on how much traffic you can get and what type of advertising you will be doing.

You will be working primarily with MaxBounty ads unless you prefer another CPA company. I have over 2 accounts with popular CPA sites. Thanks and hope to find some long term partners! Skills:,, See more:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.