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  1. Bookworm Adventures Free Download For Mac

Bookworm Adventures Free Download For Mac

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Bookworm Deluxe game – Free Download – PC – RIP Type of game: Puzzle PC Release Date: March 5, 2003 Developer/Publishers: PopCap Games Bookworm Deluxe game is a puzzle word matching video game. The game won Zeeby awards and more for best game.

Bookworm Deluxe specially created for kids to learn while playing games. You can click the link below to download free of cost. Before downloading make sure that your PC meets minimum system requirements. Minimum System Requirements • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP • Pentium II 350 MHz Processor • 8 MB Hard Disk Space • 128 MB RAM • 16-bit Video Card • DirectX compatible Sound Card • CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive • DirectX 7.0.

Bookworm Adventures Full PC Game Overview Bookworm Adventures Download Free Full Game is a follow-up to the word-forming computer puzzle game Bookworm from PopCap Games. Released in November 2006, Bookworm Adventures combines the «create words from sets of letters» aspect of Bookworm with several elements of a role-playing video game.

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In the 2007 Interactive Achievement Awards, Bookworm Adventures won the «Downloadable Game of the Year».[1] The game also won three Zeeby awards for Best Word & Trivia Game of 2006, Best Game Design of 2006 and Best Story/Narrative of 2006.[2] A sequel for Bookworm Adventures, Bookworm Adventures: Volume 2, was released on July 30, 2009. Development In contrast to the lower production budgets typical of most «casual games», PopCap Games spent over two and a half years and US$700,000 developing Bookworm Adventures. Mac cosmetics font download. [3] Although the direct sales model used by the company avoids various distribution and retail fees, this still represents one of the most expensive investments in the genre to date. John Vechey, PopCap's director, indicated that this did seem to be a departure from the previous model, noting that 'A couple years ago, the prevailing wisdom was that it took three guys six months and $100,000 to make a casual game. They used to be considered a low art form.[3]' Gameplay Players guide Lex the Bookworm (voiced by Chief Creative Officer of PopCap, Jason Kapalka) through a number of stages, battling creatures along the way (which are largely based on Greek Mythology, tales from 1001 Arabian Nights and Gothic fiction, while the foes in the game's sequel are based on Fairy tales, Chinese mythology and Science fiction). Each battle consists of Lex squaring off against a given foe. Both Lex and his adversary have health meters (represented by a number of hearts), which, when depleted, signal defeat. However, unlike more traditional role-playing games where players might injure their opponents with arms or magic, enemies in Bookworm Adventures are damaged by forming words.

As in the original Bookworm, words are formed from a grid of available letters, although unlike the original, the letters used to form the words need not be adjacent to one another. The longer the word which is formed, the more damage is done to opponents. Similarly, words generated using letters which are less common do more damage than those using only common letters. Each turn, players can form a single word, while enemies use one of their available attacks to injure Lex, heal themselves, or otherwise make the battle more difficult. If victorious, Lex automatically recovers all of his health between battles; however, there are certain stages called Survival Battles (still called boss battles in the first game) where Lex will not be healed between enemies. Bookworm Adventures Free Download.


After a certain number of battles are won, a boss of increased difficulty is encountered. If players defeat the boss, they complete the stage and are rewarded with a treasure item. Treasures provide special abilities to Lex, such as a reduction in damage inflicted to him, or more damage generated from words containing certain letters. In some cases, rather than receiving a new item, an existing item is upgraded. After the player has accumulated more than three items, Lex must then choose which three items to bring along on later chapters. In the sequel, the player can also be awarded a companion, which gives a beneficial effect every four turns.

Game modes There are 3 game modes in the first game. The different modes are Adventure, Mini-Games and Arena. Adventure mode is the main mode of the game. In the Adventure mode, the player solves the mystery of the Great Library, fighting the opponents in order. The Adventure mode contains three books; in order, they are Oedipus Lex, Arabian Knight, and Lexonomicon.

Unlike the sequel, after the player completes the Adventure mode, they cannot replay the Adventure mode and must create a new player to restart. Bookworm Adventures Free Download PC Game. In Mini-games, players can play three different mini-games and aim for high score. This mode is unlocked after Book 2 in the Adventure mode is completed. In the Adventure mode, sometimes a purple tent appears; the player can play a pre-selected mini-game for rewards that can aid them in their adventure. The Arena mode is unlocked after completing the Adventure mode (defeating Book 3).