Buy Das Keyboard 4 Professional For Mac

The Das will totally dominate smaller desks  I like almost everything about the new Das Keyboard 4 Pro, but what I like best is the big volume knob on the top right corner. Not only is it way funner to use than boring old keys, but it’s also easier and quicker.

Buy Das Keyboard 4 Professional For Mac

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mac: Greetech Brown Soft Clicky UK Layout. Works well with my Mac, would buy again. Published on 18 May 2016. Search customer reviews. DAS Keyboard DASK4MACSFT at $239.00 with 1 year warranty Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac, Cherry MX Brown. Find great deals on eBay for das keyboard mac. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. Free Shipping. Free Returns. Das Keyboard 4 Professional Mechanical Keyboard for Mac, Clicky - Cherry MX Blue. Das Keyboard 4 Professional for Mac Clicky MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard (DASK4. Brand New DAS Keyboard.

You can lean in from anywhere and quickly adjust the volume without decoding your keycaps from upside down. In fact, the whole top-left media control panel is pretty sweet. But more on that in a moment. First, what is this thing? The 4 Pro is a clicky keyboard, with Cherry-style key-switches, an aluminum top panel, Mac-specific media and meta keys, a number pad and a pair of USB 3.0 ports on the back.

It also features, or N-Key rollover over USB, has a neat magnetic foot-bar that props up the back of the keyboard and doubles as a ruler, and comes with a USB cable that’s long enough to tie up a fully-grown adult. In short, it has everything you need. The only reason you wouldn’t buy this keyboard (assuming you want a clicky keyboard that is) is that it’s huge, in which case you want something like my tenkeyless (which is awesome, by the way). In use First off, if you never used a clicky keyboard before, you’re in for at least two weeks of awkwardness and frustration. You’ll hit the wrong keys, and the whole thing will make your brain ache as your neural pathways rewrite themselves to fit this new activity.

The good news is that, once you’ve accustomed your fingers and brain, you can switch between clicky keyboards and MacBook-style short-throw keyboards with no problems. You’ll also type more accurately, and maybe faster. And, if you opt for the blue-switched version, you’ll sound great as you rat-a-tat through your writing. Clicky keyboards are appreciated by typists because of the feedback they give. The switches actually activate before the key hits the bottom of its travel, and that’s what the click signifies.

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Thus, you know exactly when you’ve typed a character, unlike soft membrane or scissor-switch keyboards, where you have to press the key all the way down just to make sure. Llpaper for mac. So although the clicks make it sound like you’re pounding away, you can actually use a lighter touch on a clicky keyboard than on your MacBook, or your iPad’s virtual keyboard. This is easier on the fingers, and because you know that you’ve typed a character when you hear the click, you can let rip and type faster. Don’t like the noise?

Go for the quieter, but almost equally responsive, brown key-switches. Here it is under my 27-inch iMac. Image distortion courtesy of Olloclip. This is the Mac version of the 4 Professional, and that means you get all the keys in the right places.

Command is next to the spacebar, there’s a fn key (although I’m not sure how useful that is given that the media keys don’t use up the regular function keys), and the cluster of keys between the main QWERTY section and the number pad doesn’t have any PC Print Screen keys. There’s even an eject button, if your Mac still has an optical drive. The keys themselves feel great. The switches mimic Cherry Blues, which are the industry standard for clicky keyboards.

If you don’t like clicks, there’s a quieter version available with Brown key-switches. The switches aren’t real Cherrys. They’re made by a company called Greetech. This is the first count against the Das. These Greetechs may be every bit as good as Cherrys, but the only way to know is to try them out for several years. The Cherrys are already proven to last pretty much forever.

The feel is okay though. If anything, there’s a little less lateral play in these switches than in the Cherrys on my Filco. The difference in sound is so small it’s more likely due to the different case materials on the two keyboards — the Das has an aluminum top and plastic base, while the Filco is all plastic. To explain key feel, I’ll turn to potato-based snacks. The sharp crack of the Filco is like biting into a potato chip. A real one, made from a thin slice of potato. It’s a clean, crisp click.

The Das is more like a Pringle. The crisp click is there, but there’s more bass in the feel, if you’ll allow me to mix my metaphors.

Which is best? Well, when I first hooked up the Das I preferred the Filco.