Devon Ke Dev Mahadev All Episodes Free Download Hd

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev All Episodes Free Download Hd

Devon Ke Dev Mahadev Subtitle Englishเนื้อหาในเรื่อง เริ่มจากตอนที่พระศิวะยังไม่เจอพระแม่สตีเมืองนางเอกหรือจะพูดให้ถูกคือพ่อพระนางสตีบูชาพระวิษณุเป็นใหญ่และไม่ชอบศิวะเทพ ประมาณแอนตี้มหาเทพองค์นี้ยังกะแค้นกันมาแต่ชาติปางก่อน เรื่องราวช่วงแรกจึงออกแนวรักต้องห้าม! อ้าวแล้วจะลงเอยกันยังไง ใช่แล้วมันต้องมีฝ่ายอสูรมาช่วยสร้างความเข้าใจ. ไม่ช่าย ด้วยเหตุบางประการพวกเขามาเพื่อฆ่าคนที่จะเป็นชายาพระศิวะ แล้วก็ตูมม!! ลงพระเวทย์สู้กันโครมคราม และอสูรร้อยที่ส่งมาก็ได้สังเวยความเมพของท่านเทพไปตามระเบียบ แต่เนื้อเรื่องก็เดินต่อไปในทางที่ต้องเป็นพระนางสตีทนพ่อบังเกิดเกล้าหยามเกียรติสวามีไม่ไหวแล้วจะเคลียร์ เป็นเหตุให้เผาตัวเองตาย.

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With arrogance taken over Prajapati Daksh, he challenges Lord Shiva's power to stop him from demolishing Shiva's name, his ideology and his existence. A distressed Nandi comes running to Mahadev informing him about Daksh out-casting the descendants of the Lord Vishwakarma. Huddled together, the sculptor community is diffident about coming to Kailash. But, all their apprehensions disappear as Lord Shiva himself welcomes them to Kailash and proposes to have food with them. Cara mengisi token listrik A question asked by the sculptor's head about Devi Sati to Lord Shiva leaves Shiva speechless. Sensing Revati's silence, Sati enquires about her distressed state. Soul tree toshinobu kubota rar. Trying to hide her worries, Revati, finally admits the dejections that she has been facing in her married life.

Prasuti overhears Revati and Sati's conversation and assures her that she would speak to Chandrama. Sati proposes an idea to meliorate Revati and Chandrama's relation during the Spring festival celebrations. Rohini, on the other hand, unaware of Revati's plight, impatiently awaits Chandrama to return from the Mahasabha. Daksh announces the reason behind calling the Mahasabha. Devraj Indra expresses his concern over Shukracharya meditating to incur the ultimate Sanjivani Shakti from Lord Shiva. As Rishi Kashyap defends Lord Shiva's stand, Daksh's announcement of calling Lord Shiva as a special guest in the Mahasabha surprises everyone.

Nandi realizes Mahadev's reason of being desolated as he was separated from Sati. Nandi pleads to Narad Muni to tell him about the reunion of Lord Shiva and Devi Sati but, Narad cleverly answers to his query saying that Lord Vishnu, himself wants Mahadev to come out of his vairagya. Revati gets hurt when Chandrama ignores her in front of everyone. Daksh hand overs the responsibility of Spring Festival on the shoulders of Chandrama. Mahadev outcries at Nandi when Nandi mentions about Narad's information. Suggesting Sati to find a way to fulfil her desires along with her responsibilities, Madanike instigates a ray of hope in Sati. Filled with optimism, Sati decides to share her heart with her father unaware of the fateful consequences awaiting her.

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Feeling pity over Daksh's ignorant behaviour, Narad Muni questions Mahadev over his repeated denials to accept Devi Sati. Mahadev acknowledges about Sati being an inseparable part of his but since Sati, being born in a physical form cannot be accepted by him.