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My Calendar, free and safe download. My Calendar latest. Sunrise smart calendar now available on Mac; post. Post Google releases Google Calendar standalone app.

Koneksi scan barcode dengan php mysql. Success relies on organization, and a calendar is one way that helps many people stay on track, meet deadlines, and organize their events. Apple’s built-in calendar app, iCal, is a go-to for scheduling - you can invite other attendees to events, link to maps, set notifications, and add events using natural language (if you type, “meeting with Joe at 2 pm Friday” and iCal will auto-create the calendarized entry). However, greater functionality is required for scheduling many projects and events. Perhaps you need to access calendar information on multiple devices that aren’t all Apple products.

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Maybe you want to keep an editable to-do list inside your calendar app. There’s also the possibility that you just want an alternative to what comes standard on a Mac. Below you’ll find a roundup of the top calendar apps for Mac, as well as iCal add-ons so you can manage your schedule your way. This full-featured app will help you keep track of all the things you need to accomplish in a day. You can easily import calendars from Google, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, and other CalDAV accounts to make Fantastical 2 your one-stop view for all events in your life. Toriko gourmet survival 2 english patch. Once calendars are loaded, you can create sets of calendars to see the information you want, and add reminders using natural language.

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You can even program calendar sets to appear by location, so that when you’re home, you only see the calendars related to your personal life. Other helpful features of Fantastical 2 include the widget and Mini Window. The widget supports extensions so you can add other important daily information, like weather, to your daily calendar. The Mini Window lives in your menu bar and is easily editable for quick updates - a helpful tool for those viewing their calendar on desktop. The latest version of Fantastical 2.2 is available for $49.99. You may also purchase the Fantastical 2 calendar app for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch separately, and your calendars will sync across devices. Features: • Works with iCloud, Exchange, and Google • Multiple calendar views, with light or dark themes • Add events and reminders using natural language • Included widget shows everything happening in a day • Ability to add other extensions to the widget such as weather • Links to Google Hangouts • Maps displayed for locations • Add event notes and URLs • Search for events • Available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Japanese 2.

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BusyCal2 looks a lot like iCal, but is more powerful. Like the other calendar software for Mac in this roundup, BusyCal2 syncs with Google, iCloud, iOS, and other CalDAV accounts. It includes all the typical calendar views (day, week, month, and year), and also adds a List view. You can decide the number of weeks you want to show in a month view, or number of days in a week view. BusyCal2 includes several other calendar capabilities, such as adding weather and moon phases, to-dos (with or without a date), and sticky notes.

BusyCal2 is also highly customizable. You can change colors and fonts for specific calendars and types of to-dos and even add Emojis to specific days. Additionally, you can create calendar groups and turn groups on or off to show or hide calendar activity. If you don’t want to keep the app open on your screen, there’s a menu bar app so you can see your day at a glance.

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The app costs $49.99, but you can try it free for 30 days. Features: • Syncs with iCloud, Google, Yahoo, and other CalDAV services • See events and to-dos in the calendar view • Create calendar groups • Change number of weeks shown in a month or days in a week • Change fonts and colors and add Emojis • Create Sticky Notes • Add to-dos with or without a date • Menu bar app option 3. The calendar feature is an element of the email app in Microsoft Outlook and is geared toward business users. Many of the features in the app are designed to help you schedule meetings based on the availability of other team members. With this app you can view group schedules and side-by-side calendars, send out meeting invites, and create all-day events.

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The calendar overlay feature allows you to view your personal schedule and work appointments in one view. The app is part of Microsoft Outlook for Mac and costs $109.99.