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Looking after an animal can help a child learn that animals have needs similar to their own, developing empathy, tolerance and respect that can be transferred to other living things. WE WERE ASKED TO Develop a game based on the popular CBBC series Deadly 60 hosted by naturalist legend Steve Backshall. SO WE MADE Developed a fast paced and highly addictive platform challenge which sees presenter Steve Backshall chased by animals including a swarms of bees and a rampaging hippo.

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Advertisement For New CBBC Games For Cbeebies Games Brief Information About CBBC Games CBBC games are a free games portal of Kids from all around the world play, share and create games from developer tools (game Builder) available on this site. More than 7 years of aged children can use this tool easily.

Lots of games are very Popular online, Storm Splatalot, Swords of the Ancients Pixelface, Terrible Treasures, Deadly Dash 2, Shaun’s Bleat Box Shaun the Sheep, Tracy beaker are one of the few Cbbc games which are mostly played by kids. The CBBC website also gives a children of aged 6–12 a wide range of activities, such as puzzles, videos, print and makes and message boards. It also gives children the chance to view the CBBC iPlayer to replay CBBC programmes for up to 29 days. This entry was posted in. Bookmark the.


The Sarah Jane Adventures About The TV Series The Sarah Jane Adventures first aired as an hour long special episode on new years day 2007. A full series followed later in the year becoming a hit for CBBC. • • • About The Sarah Jane Adventures In 2006 Elisabeth Sladen returned to Doctor Who as Sarah Jane Smith in School Reunion alongside the 10th Doctor (David Tennant). Later that year filming began for Invasion of the Bane, a special hour long opening episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures which originally aired January 1st 2007. The Sarah Jane Adventures quickly became one of the most popular shows on CBBC picking up record audiences.

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In 2009 a special episode, From Raxacoricofallapatorius with Love aired as part of Comic Relief on BBC One. The show has remained closely linked to Doctor Who. Sarah Jane and her adopted son Luke have turned up in Doctor Who a few times, the most recent being the 10th Doctors final story The End of Time. The Doctor has also shown up in The Sarah Jane Adventures, most recently the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) in Death of the Doctor.

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Cbbc Games Cbeebies

Memorable Parts From The Sarah Jane Adventures • Sarah Jane kept secret alien objects and files in the attic. • Sarah Jane’s car stood out from the rest. It was a retro Nissan Figaro. • Ronnie Corbett starred in a Comic Relief mini episode as a Slitheen.

• Sarah Jane lived in a large house on Bannerman Road. • Characters from Doctor Who’s past made an appearance including Jo Jones and the Brigadier. • Mr Smith was an alien computer, he helped Sarah Jane track down other aliens. My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen On the 19th April 2011 Elisabeth Sladen sadly passed away from cancer. My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen aired on CBBC directly after The Impossible Astronaut.

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