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Please be advised that these games are no longer available to download or update from the App Store or Google Play store. Championship Manager. Here’s a rough guide to getting Championship Manager 01-02 running on a Mac. I have the original CD, but no longer have a way to read it, so I downloaded the ISO.

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Just incase you havn't heard it is now free to download from the eidos site:D Also you can start from 2008 season with fully updated teams! Just incase you were wondering it's the one with the Red cover.ahhh memories I loved this title. Anyone else remember it and are going to get it? Carl_W21 yep my favourite champ manager, still got it installed to this day. Was nice and simple and not too cluttered or complicated, didnt like the ones that came after that. Got last seasons update will have a look for this seasons cheers.

Hit that like button please! New my book 4tb not showing on macbook. :) Subscribe to my channel for more Football Manager videos ▶ ▷ ◀ ◁ Download CM 01/02 from here- Download Virtual CloneDrive here- You may need to run the setup file in a compatible mode. If you get the memory error check out this- Subscribe to my 2nd channel ▶ ▷ ◀ ◁ Chumps to Champs Chelmsford City series- Football Manager 2015 experiments- How to use the FM editor- My West Ham career- My Nottingham Forest career- Buy FM15 here- My microphone- My video editing software- My webcam- Follow me on Twitch- Follow Golden FM on twitter- Follow my personal account- Like Golden FM on Facebook- Join my FM Facebook Group- Donate to support my content:) Thank you!

Championship Manager 01 02

Eidos Championship Manager 01 02

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Championship Manager: Season 01/02 is a soccer (football for Europeans) management sim, created by Sports Interactive as part of the popular Championship Manager series. It was released as freeware in 2008 by Eidos.

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Season 01/02 is the last update to the Championship Manager 3 series, while Season 03/04 became Championship Manager 4. After that, Sports Interactive and Eidos splitted and Sports Interactive created the Football Manager series. Championship Manager is a game for players passionate about statistics: it contains a lot of data regarding all the players, teams, including tactics, performances and even injuries and surgeries. There are more than 100 leagues playable. There's a very interesting transfer system, that will require you to scout the best players and bid for them. There are many websites where you can download patches that will update the game with data of the players and teams of the most recent seasons.