Htc Desire Sync For Mac

Download HTC U11 drivers to connect the phone through USB with your computer, Windows or Mac. For a seamless connection between your new HTC U11 and your computer, USB drivers are essential. Method 2: Backup 10/M9/M8/M7/Desire with HTC Sync Manager HTC Sync Manager is the official program to manage HTC device on a PC or Mac. You can sync your personal data between computer and the phone, backup and restore phone data or transfer content from other devices.

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Seriously considering swapping my iPhone 3G for a HTC Desire on T-Mobile very soon (Upgrade early next month) and I've been reading a lot of reviews and watching a lot of handy YouTube walkthroughs (The one by geekanoids is very useful) but I've got a couple of questions that I can't easily find an answer for, and this forum seems to be useful for people with issues. I've seen from other users on this forum that one can use a HTC Desire with a Mac.

I have a 15' Aluminium Unibody MacBook Pro (Running latest build of OSX Snow Leopard). I notice on the HTC Website it says 'Recommended Windows System Requirements Windows.

Htc Desire Sync For Machen

Htc Desire Sync For Mac

I also have a Unibody Macbook Pro and come from an iPhone to my Desire. Download java player for mac. All works fine. 1)The Desire can backup all your info to the SD card. The SD can be mounted on connection to your Mac at which point you can make a backup of the SD and all your info. I use Missing Sync for Android which syncs with my iTunes brilliantly. Photos auto sync with iPhoto or Aperture.

Most things can be sorted out right there. 2) Yes I also push my contacts, iCal & email OTA with Google no problems.

3) Yes the Desire automatically selects wifi over mobile data if it is available & returns back to mobile data when the wifi drops. The transition from my iPhone to my Desire on my Mac was a breeze, so don't worry and just look forward to a far superior phone. Thanks for clearing that up. This would be my first Google Andriod based handset.

My biggest reservation about the HTC Desire is the storage. I understand that it has 570mb of RAM and 512mb of 'internal' flash storage (or the other way around) but after the OS and suchlike is accounted for only around 70-140ish mb of internal storage is left for various applications to be installed on.

I appreciate from other users posts that many of the larger applications install the central core of the app on the internal storage and any of the bulky data goes on the SD card. And I understand that it is possible to 'root' the Desire so that one can change that. Anyway, what size of SD card is included with the Desire or does that vary depending on network? Any idea what T-Mobile UK ship with their upgrade Desires? I ask, as I've got about 5Gb of music that I carry around with me on my iPhone (iTunes 'scales' tracks down to 96kb/sec AAC if they're larger) and this might be bigger than the included microSD card. Is there a preferred supplier that users of this forum suggest for larger storage?

Thanks again for any help. Big mac rap song download. I too have a Macbook and find that although there is little support for the OS natively, there are lots of ways of getting around that. MobileMe is, in my opinion, a complete rip off.

I had a 2 month free trial and loved the OTA syncing but Google offer that service for free, and the online storage space offered was slow compared to just sticking the stuff onto a USB drive. The iPhone offers closer integration to the Mac platform, which by the sounds of things you are very much a part of.

However, with a few geeky work-arounds and simple set up options, you make your Desire work (mostly) with your existing ecosystem, in some ways even better than with an iPhone. The Missing Sync for example, which has already been mentioned in this thread offers OTA Wi-Fi or Bluetooth proximity syncing, which saves you having to plug it in Via USB every time you want to transfer something. (Which is nice!) Yes it comes at a price but hey, you'd be spending twice that per year on MM subscriptions so it's money saved in the long run!

My iCal syncs to my Google calendar which in turn syncs with my Desire, simples! Address book does the same as do my emails. All for the low, low price of. Hi guys, Again like the guy said above, sorry for dregging up an old topic. I have an iPhone 3GS and use MobileMe. I sync my calender on my iMac to my iPhone and also vice versa (iPhone syncs OTA via MobileMe to my calenders). I am on the road alot as I support people with Autism.

From what I read, I have to sync my iCal to gmail? How would I go about doing that? And is it easier to use a GMail account and then sync iCal with Gmail.? I still would like to know how to sync iCal with Gmail? And K9Mail is an e-mail app for the HTC Desire right? Sorry, I am normally a techie, I trained for 3 years to be a computer programmer!

Htc Sync Manager For Mac

But thanks guys! And I read up the top, that it doesn't play uncoded music.

Simplified compared to previous versions There are many many other features too such as a Wiki Server, Podcasting tools and support for Time Machine backups using a shared destination. Note that some features require an Apple ID and/or Internet access. Among the many features of OS X Lion Server are file sharing for Mac, PC, and iPad, support for SMTP, IMAP, and POP servers, push notifications, and the possibility to synchronize contacts with Mac, iPad, and iPhone. In addition, it allows multiple users to access and update contacts, it has a powerful Profile Manager for mobile device management and its integrated with iChat Server. Download manager for mac os x mavericks.