Jz4770 Usb Boot Device Drivers For Mac

I recently purchased a Mp5 player with Tv-out, which I assumed was a 27xx RockChip, but when I tired to extract the firmware using rkusb.tag, nothing happened. I then carefully opened up the player and found that it had an Ingenic JZ47xx chip. I believe this is a clone of the Onda VX767. In appearance, it is exactly the same as 'Coversion Free 3' 16:9 QVGA 8GB MP4 MP3 MP5 Player LA2-8R' available on TinyDeal.

Drivers officially provided by HTC. Preparation Before installing new HTC Desire drivers, you must first remove, from your computer, any drivers that haven’t been completely uninstalled and may be conflicting (or might do so) with the new drivers. • Compatible: HTC USB Driver is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (for both 32 and 64 bit). Htc bmp usb driver for mac. • By installing the HTC Desire USB Driver, you don't need to install the HTC Sync App on your computer. They are official.

Device drivers for mac os x

If I hold the 'menu' button, before connecting the USB cable to the PC, I get a WinXP message that asks for drivers for the JZ4740 USB Boot device. Does anyone know where such drivers can be found? I was not able to find any via a google search.

If any one has a.hxf firmware file for Onda VX767 clone, could you please upload a copy. Many thanks No rating. How to download youtube videos to computer. Re the USB driver, I found some additional info at the Ingenic's web-site.

The Ingenic's web page in the development section for JZ4740, has downloads for USB Boot tool, but it looks like you need to develop your own drivers? My 'Conversion Free-3' TFT 16:9 screen' mp5 player with TV-out, has an Ingenic JZ4725 CPU chip, and an overview of the JZ47xx chip is shown here. Total Chips in MP5 player ================== CPU: Ingenic JZ4725 Flash Memory: Two Samsung 4GB chips; K9LBG08UOM FM Radio: SP3767AHN TV Encoder: Chrontel CH7024B-DF Audio Amp 1watt: LM4890 Unidentified: 48LCAM10A1? (anyone know what this chip is for?) The Chipgenius v2.64 tool reports the following info for this player: ================================================ Device Name: ++[E:][G:]+USB Mass Storage Device(Ingenic JzSOC USB-DISK USB Device)(Ingenic Jz. PnP Device ID: VID = 0525 PID = A4A5 Serial Number: 77 Revision: 0100/0100 Device Type: Standard USB device - USB2.0 Full-Speed (USB1.1) Chip Vendor: (No match record) Chip Part-Number: (No match record) Product Vendor: Ingenic Product Model: JzSOC USB-DISK Tools on Web: (N/A) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The firmware is Version The toolbox has two options regarding the firmware: Recover System and Updating. Does anyone know how the 'Recover System' option works for this Ingenic player? Does it have a copy of the compressed firmware on-board and makes a recover from that file, or do you need a backup copy of the firmware?thanks for any additional info p.s.