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In the beginning was Microsoft Office. Then OpenOffice appeared as an open-source alternative.

Lotus Viewer For Mac Free Download

And now IBM makes a new move and offers its own productivity suite, all free of charge. The idea is not new: there have been a few free suites launched lately, but all of them were online. IBM Lotus Symphony is the only desktop suite that, together with OpenOffice, can offer a free alternative to Microsoft's proprietary apps. IBM Lotus Symphony offers three tools: word processor, spreadsheet and presentations. It's true that other productivity suites are usually more complete. However, Lotus Symphony stands out for a convenient, single-windowed interface from which you can launch the three apps.

Simply click on the 'Open' button and select the kind of document you want to open: the program's toolbar will change accordingly. What's more, you can have as many opened documents as you want at the same time, no matter which type, and switch between them in the top tab bar.

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The suite includes all the basic tools that you could expect in such an application: spell checker and tables for documents, predesigned templates for presentations and charts for spreadsheets - to name a few - besides the usual configuration options as regards fonts, colors and the like. In my personal opinion, I'm glad to have another possibility to choose from when deciding which suite I'm going to use. A little rivalry is always good and usually produces better and wider options for computer users. And it seems IBM is beginning to take the suite competition quite seriously. IBM Lotus Symphony has left the beta stage behind and now offers a stable, highly functional productivity suite that, despite not being as complete as other suites, may perfectly fit your needs.

What is IBM Lotus Forms Viewer? IBM Lotus Forms Viewer is a program specifically designed to enable users view XFDL and XForms, plus other Lotus Forms. The user can view the forms from the Web or through the program’s user interface. Opening the program, a blank user interface will appear, where only the menu bar and toolbar will be shown. The open folder icon allows the user to browse for the form to be viewed. Once the appropriate form has been opened, it will appear on the blank page. From the viewing window, the user can input all the necessary information being asked by the form.

Army Lotus Forms Viewer Download

The program supports hotkeys to enable the user to launch certain tasks of the Viewer through keyboard combinations. For instance, pressing the keys ALT + F1 will open the Viewer Help option, while ALT + F7 launches the spell check tool. CTRL +F launches the font dialog in a rich text field, CTRL + G opens the paragraph dialog in a rich text format, while CTRL + M will send the form via email. Users are likewise provided with a predictive input checking tool, which will display text input errors; as well as options for configuring date format and tabbing options.

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