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• Package your app with a captive runtime. The Mac App Store only accepts self-contained apps, and doesn't allow apps that use the shared AIR runtime. After packaging bundle, manually open your Info.plist file in your favorite XML editor. Add an LSApplicationCategoryType entry. • Also add a 512x512 icon to your Icon.icns file. (Currently the adt tool does not support icons of this size on Mac.) You can use Icon Composer (available with the xcode tools) to resize. • Apple places several restrictions to post on the Mac App Store, including: • The locations an app can write to • The APIs an app can use (non-public APIs are not allowed) • And the resources an app is allowed to use.

The App Store has been with us for a month now, and, by many measures, it’s a roaring success. Apple told the Wall Street Journal that it averages around $1 million a day in iPhone application. Venting for microwave oven. NowSecure INTEL™ is an automated, cloud-based mobile app vetting and mobile app reputation service (MARS) software tool which enables deep visibility into security, privacy and compliance of third-party apps. In the technology industry, the process of vetting apps is a valid option to ensure the safety of app stores. This validation process is a broadsword that helps both the consumers and organizations in the business of creating and regulating app stores. Central Vetting's Cloud based on-demand Security Screening & Vetting On-Line system is designed specifically for the BS7858: 2012, built to cut labour costs. Best Video Software for the Mac. Researchers Prove Flaw in App Store Vetting Process. Posted on August 16th, 2013. And demonstrating a proof of concept that apps with hidden functionality could get past Apple's App Store vetting process. Get the latest Mac security news direct to your inbox.

• WebKit uses a few non-public APIs that are not allowed on the Mac App Store, so you cannot use HTMLLoader or any class in the flash.html package in your app. Manually remove WebKit.dylib and Flash Player.plugin from the Adobe AIR.framework/Resources subtree inside your app bundle. You can use the StageWebView class but only when created with useNative=true. • Additionally, if you are interested in decreasing the size of your app and you are not using any DRM functionality, you can manually remove Adobe AIR.vch, adobecp.plugin, adobecp.vch, and AdobeCP15.plugin from the Adobe AIR.framework/Resources subtree inside your app bundle. • It is recommended that you use Mac OS 10.7 or higher to upload your app.

There is a bug in Mac OS 10.6 that prevents Apple’s Application Loader from successfully uploading your app with the AIR runtime. To upload from Mac OS 10.6, there is a workaround: • Delete the “Resources” symbolic link in the AIR framework folder and create a true folder called “Resources”. • Copy the AIR Info.plist file (from Versions/1.0/Resources) into this new folder. Modify the original Info.plist file (inside Versions/1.0/Resources) by renaming the bundle id to com.adobe.AIR1.

You are now ready to upload your app. Before doing so, you must create meta-data for your app on. • Log in using your Apple ID. • Follow the Manage Your Applications link. • And click the Add New App button to create the meta-data. Then, use Application Loader to upload the app for review.

(Application Loader is part of Xcode tools, versions 3.2.6 and above. Samsung cell phone drivers for mac os x. Application Loader is also available as a stand-alone download). You find out right away if your application bundle is well-formed. But it takes a few days to find out if Apple approved it or not. In particular, if you are using a self-signed certificate you could get the following warning from iTunes Connect: Adobe has discovered one or more issues with your recent binary submission for 'YYY'.

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The company is blocking all older versions Adobe Flash Player prior to Flash Player plug-in blocked Due to security. Redesigned Mac App Store, and. Adobe Flash Player App - Play CS4-CC Flash media on the desktop. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate. Post Adobe AIR app to Mac app store. Manually remove WebKit.dylib and Flash Player.plugin from the Adobe AIR.framework. As a stand-alone download).

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Your app has proceeded to review, but the following issues should be corrected in your next submission: Invalid Signature - the nested app bundle ( AIR.framework) is not signed, the signature is invalid, or it is not signed with an Apple submission certificate. Refer to the Code Signing and Application Sandboxing Guide for more information.

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