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I am trying to build a python script via PyInstaller. I have used the following commands to configure, generate a spec file, and build: wget pyinstaller. Frostwire version 4 for mac. zip, extracted it, python, etc. Starting from PyInstaller 3.2, a new module named pefile is introduced. This module is used to work with Windows binary file (EXE file, also called PE file). I try to compile a Python project under Windows 7 using PyInstaller. The project works fine, there are no issues, however when I try to compile it the result doesn't work. ImportError: No module named 'PyQt5.QtWebEngineWidgets' Failed to execute script run. No such so anywhere:($ pyinstaller --onedir -p lib/python3.5 run.spec. I've encountered unfamiliar error with pandas and I'm using below two libraries only. Pyinstaller worked well with pandas. No module named 'pandas._libs.tslibs.

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White mobility lab laser mouse for mac/pc. • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS • Python 3.5.2 • virtualenv 15.0.1 $ pip3 install pyinstaller $ pip3 install PyQt5 $ pip3 freeze.

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使用Pyinstaller对.py程序打包成.exe pyinstaller3.2 python2.7 windows环境下安装pyinstaller3.2 : 先安装pywin32-217. Microcapture 1.0 for mac. win32-py2.7.exe; 解压pyinstaller3.2 后直接可以执行: python -F -w C: mypy python -F./ cp/ -F: 单文件 -w: 不显示控制台 添加upx 把upx.exe 放在PyInstaller-3.0 目录下即可。程序默认使用upx 方式生成exe。 出现错误:ImportError: No module named ‘pefile’ 原因分析:(Windows) No longer bundle pefile, use package from for windows (#1357) 解决方法: 1.[ use new pefile release with built-in Python 3 support]( 2.