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Whilst a cool idea, I think the risk of just getting into a ton of shit over it is probably not quite worth it. I see what you are saying but bah humbug. We've nothing to fear but fear itself. Super best of yumi arai

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I've done nothing wrong apart from understand the science and technology behind the ticketing system. The Oyster Card is extremely easy to hack, and you don't need to disolve anything to get it to work.. So anyone who did want to do anything bad with an oyster card wouldn't do what I'm doing. They would leave their oyster card untampered. Download full version.

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Yeah they could pull me over and fine me for not having a 'valid' oyster card in their eyes but thats it. Anything else that happened would be a massive overreaction and then it's best it did happen so that hopefully the uk didn't spiral out into idiocy. But I did make sure I documented everything I did on the web first so that I had evidence. If you are travelling on any of our services without either: • a ticket that is valid and available for the journey you are making • an Oyster card containing a valid season ticket • an Oyster card, when you are paying as you go, showing a record of the start of your trip or • a valid 11-15 Oyster photocard if you are aged 14 or 15 and are travelling free on a bus • a valid 16+ Oyster photocard if you are aged 16 or 17 (and if eligible 18 or 19) and are travelling free on a bus and we believe that you are trying to avoid paying the correct fare, you may be prosecuted. If the court finds you guilty it can fine you up to £1000 (or send you to prison for up to three months, if you were travelling on London Underground).

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I'd throw the book at someone doing this, to teach everyone else a lesson. And whilst it's been a while since I've lived in london, I had to hand over my oyster card a few times during ticket inspections and when it failed to register an entrance/exit. It would be interesting to see what a 'valid' oyster card is. I would still have paid, and when requested to swipe my oyster It would scan fine. Best online games for mac.

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Page 2- got done £20 for 50p over on Oyster card. Download the latest. Didn't know it doubled beep - but if it had made a different sound from normal then I. Free Download: Credit: 1 - intro music: Your Intro performs Audionautix with a Creative Commons Attribution license (Artist: 2 - sound effects: in file of download All Sound Effects OF Our Channel Are Free, Enjoy.! All sounds effects of the world. Oyster card pro free download - Belltech Business Card Designer Pro, Oyster Buddy for Windows 10, Audio Recorder Pro, and many more programs.