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You also cant be sure you will get the full download of P90X from Torrent. The workout wont cut out. Download P90X2 - Extreme Workout Program (ISO Format) torrent from series & tv category on Isohunt. Torrent hash: 7A446C939A507CB8B2ECA6E7C5AA6F7C6D47535A. This torrent has all documents that ship with the P90X product. Including the books (Nutrition Plan and Fitness Guide - both in PDF format) and the poster (also in PDF).

Once upon a time in 2007 I was 27 years old and had finished my first round of. Its also when I wrote my first review of P90X. Its 2018 and I am now 37 years old. And I decided to update my original P90X review.

A decade has passed since I finished my first round of P90X and I believe I would not be anywhere near the shape I am in at if I never did P90X. Since that first round I’ve probably done three more rounds, a number of hybrids, and individual workouts from time to time. Its my humble opinion that P90X is still the best at home workout program ever made. By now, you probably know P90X is a 90 day workout program based on the concept of “Muscle Confusion.” You do 12 different workouts over a 90 day period. During those 90 days you will do a set number of workouts the first 30 days, the next 30, and the final 30. So I’m not going to go into all of that here.

What I am going to do is share all of my before and after photos from multiple rounds and everything else I had ever written about P90X. Results As of 2018 I have only documented (took before and after photos) two rounds of P90X. Round 1: 2007. Age: 27 Before starting P90X my workouts consisted of running 20 miles a week followed with 50 push ups and chair dips with 100 sit ups. Six months before starting P90X I completed the Detroit Marathon. I was in good cardio shape but did not have a lot of muscle because of all the running.

I was “skinny fat.” And I ate and drank whatever I wanted before starting P90X. Upper body got bigger. From day 1 to day 60 I can see the V shape coming from my shoulders to waist.

My forearms look bigger too. Probably could of gone without the flash on the camera for the Day 90 photo and not stuck out my chest either. It looks like my chest and shoulders got a little bigger in this photo.

P90x workout video free download

I can definitely see that my back, shoulders and arms got bigger and there is some definition now. I contribute a lot of this to doing chin ups and pull ups.

I think all of those pull ups made me a little wider so I now have more of a “V” shape. My back looks a little meatier now. Either I had a little gut and no chest muscles when I started or I lost the gut and now have chest muscles.

My arms and shoulders look bigger now too. I can see the outline for my oblique ab muscles now too. I can see from when I started that I was skinny with little muscle definition. At Day 60 my arms, chest, and shoulders started to take shape. Chest and stomach look a little more defined even from this side angle photo.

Arms and shoulders look bigger too. P90X kicked my butt those first 90 days. Here I am thinking I’m in phenomenal shape from running a marathon and then I barely do 2 pull ups the first time I do Chest & Back.

It was an eye-opener. The first week resulted in soreness like I had not felt since practicing 5 days a week for soccer when I was growing up. It hurt to walk, lift my arms, or do just about anything normal I used to do. The first month was a real challenge as I still struggled to do pull ups. Was barely able to do 3 at one time at the end of 30 days. I did however feel myself getting stronger. Philips laser mfd 6050 driver download

After the first recovery week I felt re-charged and ready for month 2. Reps and weights used started gradually increasing every week. Started to get that burst of energy where I’m thinking about doing more reps of whatever instead of hoping I could just do a couple. Definition started to show all over. Month three was a lot of fun. I was not as sore anymore.

Was really starting to put up some serious numbers in regards to reps. The first time I did P90X Legs and Back I was only able to do 3 total pull ups. At the end of the 90 days I did 82. The first time I did P90X Chest and Back I could only do 75 push ups and 2 total pull up / chin ups. At the end of P90X I could do 220 push ups and 52 pull up / chin ups. It took me 100 days to finish my first round of P90X. Started at 165 pounds and ended at 175 pounds. Body fat percentage went from 13% to 11%.

All the resistance training with P90X burned away the fat and turned it into muscle. Round 2: 2010. 29 After looking at my original P90X results I don’t think they give P90X any justice. I was very happy with my original results but to get the most out of P90X you really need to follow the meal plan and that was something I did not do.

P90x Torrent

After Round Two Of P90X. I have a lot more definition now then after my first round of P90X. It should be noted I did a round of and various Tony Horton 1 on 1 workouts in-between rounds of P90X. Many of my reps (pull ups & push ups) along with the amount of weight I could lift were slightly higher.