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Radio Head – The Bends [FLAC] About Album Radio Head – The Bends The Bends is the second studio album by English alternative rock band Radiohead, released on March 13, 1995 by Parlophone. The Bends was produced by John Leckie at EMI Studios in London, and developed by Nigel Godrich, who would go on to produce all future albums of the band. With five singles charts, the album also marks the beginning of a change in aesthetics and themes for the band, with greater use of keyboards, and more abrasive guitar tracks balancing subtler. Introspective grunge style with influences of Pablo Honey became more rock layers with cryptic lyrics and larger ideas, as a band and singer Thom Yorke reacted against the rigors of touring the world almost constantly. Size: 364 MB Format: Tracklist Radio Head – The Bends No. Lost autumn - anthem for the weak download. Title Length 1. “Planet Telex” 4:19 2.

“The Bends” 4:06 3. “High and Dry” 4:17 4. “Fake Plastic Trees” 4:50 5. “Bones” 3:09 6.

“(Nice Dream)” 3:53 7. “Just” 3:54 8. “My Iron Lung” 4:36 9. “Bullet Proof.I Wish I Was” 3:28 10.

The Bends Collectors Edition

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“Black Star” 4:07 11. “Sulk” 3:42 12. “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” 4:12.

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Was 's peak as an adventurous guitar band and their creativity wasn't limited to the album proper -- it spilled over to that album's B-sides, resulting in their most consistent string of singles, which, in turn, makes the double-disc reissue of the best of all the 2009 deluxe reissues. This collects all the B-sides from the singles for 'My Iron Long,' 'High & Dry'/'Planet Telex,' 'Fake Plastic Trees,' and 'Street Spirit (Fade Out),' adding four BBC sessions to comprise a bonus disc totalling 21 tracks. Compared to the and reissues, this doesn't rely heavily on live tracks or remixes, so there is a pretty hefty amount of valuable non-LP songs here, including 'Talk Show Host,' 'Bishop's Robes,' 'Banana Co.,' and 'Molasses,' which all point the way toward the vibrant twitchy progressive rock of. Even with these tunes hinting toward the future, the 21 tracks on the bonus disc are connected strongly to the muscular, imaginative present of in 1995, building and expanding upon the sound of and, when presented in conjunction with the album, enhancing it, illustrating that this was when the band found its voice.