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Research Proposal Template

1.1 The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) provides financial assistance to promote research work in the fields of Science & Technology, including Agriculture, Engineering and Medicine. The assistance is provided by way of grants to Professors/Experts in regular employment, in the universities, IITs, post-graduate institutions, recognised R&D laboratories both in public and private sectors. Research proposals of applied nature as well as those falling under basic sciences which attempt to solve specific problems being pursued by CSIR laboratories, or in newer and complementary fields, are considered for CSIR support. Priority is given to multi-disciplinary projects which involve inter-organisational co-operation (including that of CSIR laboratories) and to schemes which have relevance to research programmes of CSIR laboratories. 1.2 A time bound research proposal clear and specific in the objective(s) making use of or proposing a new idea and realistic and reasonable in the means needed to execute it has a good chance of receiving CSIR support. The CSIR provides essential financial inputs for viable research schemes so as to obtain definite advancements in specific fields and areas. 1.3 Research grants of CSIR are intended mainly to supplement the research facilities available with the sponsoring institutions.

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Research Proposal Scheme

Research Proposal Schedule

Funds provided are for one or more Junior Research Fellows (JRF), Senior Research Fellows (SRF) and Research Associates (RA), contingencies and equipment. Usually the amounts sanctioned for equipment are small. Ping g5 offset drivers for mac. No graded posts are sanctioned nor are funds provided for other kinds of expenditure. EMR schemes are not intended to support establishment (de novo) of specialized facilities, centres or divisions. These schemes are intended to supplement on-going R&D efforts in institutions/laboratories/departments, etc. Where basic infrastructure exists. 1.4 Depending on the magnitude and nature of research involved a research scheme may have more than one investigator and, in such a case, the first investigator shall be known as 'Principal Investigator' (PI).