Responsible Beverage Service Program Primarily Depend Upon

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What is the purpose of a responsible beverage service (RBS) program? Ensure the right people drink an appropriate amount. What is the most important intended result of implementing a responsible beverage service program? Impacts or responsibilities of a RBS program: Eliminating the sale and service of liquor to minors and intoxicated patrons Reducing over-consumption of alcohol in licensed establishments What is a responsible beverage service program designed to do? Responsible Beverage Service is designed to reduce alcohol-related problems in establishments licensed to sell or serve alcohol. Step 1: Create and Implement a house policy Step 2: Provide a pleasant service experience Step 3: Publicize and market the RBS program What are the three main components that ensure an effective RBS program?

How to demonstrate professional environment by: creating and implementing a house policy, pleasant experience to guests, and publicizing and marketing RBS 2. How to implement coordinated teamwork by identifying problem customers and recording incidents and sharing information 3.

Find the definition of legal terms. FindLaw Dictionary of Law helps you define your legal terms. Find definitions at FindLaw. How does posting a house policy where customers can view it support responsible beverage service? A responsible beverage service program primarily depend upon?

How to intervene strategies and deal with difficult situations by monitoring customer behaviour, slowing down service, ensuring that guests arrive home safely What does a responsible beverage service program primarily depend upon? Written policies enforced by licensees, managers, and staff How can the RBS program be promoted? Displays, show of written policy, designated driver program How to be an effective team member in implementing RBS Everyone in the staff has a role in RBS. Share information to help identify problematic behaviour.

Serve as a backup or witness. Assist in handling an intoxicated customer. Top 10 tips for implementing an effective RBS program: 1. Educate staff about the effects of alcohol 2. Explain potential liability issues 3.

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Promote your house policy 4. Establish customer rapport (dress code) 5. Offer refreshing alternatives to alcohol 6. Promote your menu 7. Suggest alternative activities 8.

Monitor the pace of alcohol consumption 9. Actively discourage excessive drinking 10.

Maintain open lines of communication and visible manager support. On whom are courts placing increased responsibility to provide responsible beverage service? Increased responsibility is being placed on owners, managers and staff to provide responsible beverage service. What are the key aspects of a successful beverage service program? Professional environment, coordinated teamwork, intervention strategies, house policy, pleasant experience, marketing the RBS program What is the role of staff in creating responsible service? Controlling rate of service, monitoring patron behaviour, selling profitable alternatives, create friendly atmosphere Learn more on below topics: • • • • • • • • • •.

12. what does a responsible beverage service program primarily depend upon

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