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The knobs that you 'messed' with is most likely the UP and DOWN limits. If it opens like it should!

DIY Garage Door Parts offers high quality suitable replacement Stanley Garage Door Parts for sale that ship to all 50 states. If your Stanley Garage Door is broken and will not open or the original parts are worn out and need to be replaced simply browse the parts categories below, order, and we usually will ship them out the same business day if. I have a Stanley garage door opener model 7100. I know Stanley doesn't make openers anymore and I can't find - Answered by a verified Home Improvement Expert.

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Then ignore the 'up' knob but, the down knob is the one your gonna want to turn to the - side of its opinion and not the + side whitch is already turned up too much, whitch is why as it is closing it retrieves back as it opens becouse the operator is sending the door too fare down. So by dacking off the down limit knob a little at a time and trying to close it till it stops ounce it gets to the full close position. The knobs should have indicators of arrows one with a arrow up and the other with one pointing down. Posted on Oct 16, 2016. Aspes la 143.

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Stanley Professional 7100 Manual

• 91 Answers SOURCE: That normally happens when the sensors aren't aligned. Both sensors have led lights on them the yellow/orange one will stay on all the time the green one will go out if it cant see the other sensor. Possibly theres a wire that's broken or the other sensor is really out of alignment.

Check every inch of wiring from the sensor to the opener, remove wire nuts if present and check the connections. The wires that are used are small, solid and can break easily.

Stanley St200 Manual

Also see if there's a staple that's too tight, move the wire abit where it's stapled and look for damage. Posted on Jun 27, 2008.

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Stanley Professional 7100 Manual

The Model 308913 One Channel Visor Transmitter is a poratble transmitter designed for automatic door and gate operator applications. This transmitter is a single-channel device, pressing the pushbutton will send a signal to the receiver. The transmitter has a red test/operate indicator and is powered by a 9-volt battery. A visor clip is included. The transmitter is Multi-Code format with one 10-position coding switch providing 1,024 possible codes. The transmitter will only activate receivers set with the same code. The Model 109410 Two Channel Visor Transmitter is a portable transmitter designed for automatic door and gate operator applications.